Listed below are the animals that are currently for sale. All of my animals are raised by themselves since the day they hatch. Occasionally, I may have animals listed for sale that have come from other top breeders. Rest assured that I conduct business with Only the best of the best. It shows in all of the animals I produce or acquire. Quality is always my first priority not quantity. If you have questions about any of these animals, please contact me. I can send additional pics or information upon request. Please check out my YouTube vids for care requirements and instructions

Shipping is a flat rate of $45. Live arrival is guaranteed.

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M Bandit Cross het Eclipse 50% ph Tremper
Male 38 Grams Hatch Date 9-29-13 This male would be great for any Stripe, Jungle or Tremper based project. Produced by Gecko Boa Reptiles ..
M Bold Jungle Tremper 50% PH Raptor
Male 15 grams Clean, pastel look to this guy! ..
M Bold Jungle Tremper Poss. Giant  50% het Raptor, ph Blizzard
33 grams. Male Hatch date 10-25-13 Produced by Gecko Boa Reptiles Insane color and pattern! ..
M Bold Mack Snow het Eclipse
PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING! Male. 24 Grams This bright and bold guy is a cross between a pure Bandit and a GGG Line Mack Super Snow possible Het Eclipse. Such a clean and crisp looking gecko. ..
M D-Project Mack Snow Poss. Het Ember X Pure Halloween Mask
  45 grams. Male. Would you like to make dark and bold geckos? If so, this male is a good one for that unique project. This combo is not very common and has produced some very nice outcomes. You will also produce Mack Snow version as well.  Sire: Prometheus  Dame: Monarch ..
M Giant Jungle Tremper 50% ph Eclipse
Male 30 grams Hatch date 11-29-13 Wicked Pattern! ..
M Het Bell, Patternless and Eclipse
PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING! Male. 40 grams Cool project to try. Shoot for the Bell Patternless and Bell Patty Radar.  Produced by Sasobek Reptiles. ..
M Mack Snow 100% Het Raptor (E.Fasciolatus line)
Male 35 grams This male has nice lavender hues. He carries the genes for stripe, reverse stripe, jungle, patternless stripe and Tremper Albino. ..
M Mack Snow Jungle Raptor
Male. 34 grams Incredible and unique Raptor. One normal eye and one solid red eye. Looks like he has a patch over one eye. So cool that I almost want to keep him. ..
M Mack Snow Raptor
Male. 20 grams Very nice gecko! Eyes have an interesting marbling look to them. ..
M Tremper Albino Circle Back 100% Het Raptor
Male. 20 grams, very pretty. He is the result of a pairing between my best JMG Line Mack Snow Reverse Stripe Raptor male and a beautiful JMG Lavender Stripe Het Tremper Albino female. I've produced several circle backs from this pairing. He has a very nice lavender hue as well. Perfect for any Raptor or Tremper based project. ..
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